ACA'2017 Session: Algorithmic Combinatorics

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Aims and Scope

The interplay between computer algebra and combinatorics has been very fruitful for quite a while and can be subsumed under the name "algorithmic combinatorics", which nowadays is a well-established research area. It is one of the many success stories concerning the applications of computer algebra, and it perfectly demonstrates how two scientific disciplines can interact and inspire each other: on the one hand, combinatorialists appreciate the power of computer algebra systems, and on the other hand, problems from combinatorics are one of the driving forces for the development of new computer algebra algorithms and packages.

Examples include the enumeration of different kind of lattice walks, the study of symmetry classes of plane partitions, various types of tiling problems in the plane, the counting of lattice points in polytopes and the computation of Ehrhart polynomials, graph theory, and pattern avoidance in permutations; many of these concepts are employed in other research areas as well, for example in physics. There are numerous ways in which computer algebra can contribute to these problem areas:

Currently, algorithmic combinatorics is a very active research area, and we hope that this session will result in a vivid exchange of ideas and that it will foster future collaborations and interactions.


Call for Contributions

If you are interested in presenting your recent work in this session, please send your title and abstract to Christoph Koutschan, no later than April 30, 2017; see the section important dates on the ACA homepage. Please use the LaTeX template for your submission, see the page ACA 2017 Publications for detailed instructions. Your abstract should be 1–2 pages long, including references.