Proof of George Andrews's and David Robbins's q-TSPP conjecture

(by Christoph Koutschan, Manuel Kauers, Doron Zeilberger)
3D Ferrers diagram of a TSPP, some orbits are marked with colors

On this webpage we give supplementary material which accompanies our article A Proof of George Andrews' and David Robbins' q-TSPP conjecture that has been published in February 2011 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 108(6) pp. 2196–2199.

In particular, we provide a Mathematica notebook

containing all computations that are necessary to show that our proof is correct. The explanations given there are aiming at a self-contained description of all technical details of the proof.

We also provide the full certificates mentioned in our article. The corresponding data files are bundled in the zip-archive

(915 MB disc space are needed after decompression). Make sure that these files are stored in a directory such that Mathematica can find them. They will be loaded at the appropriate positions in the notebook, then consuming up to 7 GB each (according to Mathematica's ByteCount command).

The package HolonomicFunctions that is required for performing the computations can be downloaded here.

Update: This work was awarded the 2016 David P. Robbins Prize by the American Mathematical Society. Read the citation of the prize committee.

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